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Egg Writ Large

$450.00 / Sold Out

Medium: wool roving, wadding, cotton, cardboard, polyester stuffing, calico
Dimensions: 800cm x 800 cm (approx)

Eggs are significant. They signify the start of something; for breakfast they’re a good start to the day, in reproductive terms they are the possibility of new life. Eggs Writ Large takes Cat’s recent experiments with needle felting techniques to a larger scale, exploring a small part of a daily routine and giving it an exaggerated form to highlight the universal importance of the egg.

**Important: This piece is designed as an artwork- namely to hang on the wall - and has a loop for hanging on the reverse side of the egg. The nature of the handmade medium means that is not suitable for hard-wearing use (i.e. rug or quilt).

This piece was made for Slice of Life, a group show for Craft Victoria held in March 2017.